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The Department of Computer Science hosts the Deans Committee for Computer Colleges

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- The Department of Computer Sciences hosted the meeting of the Deans' Committee on Monday 19/8/2019 at the Hall of the Department Council in the presence of the department's dean Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdel Wahab and the Deans who are members of the Committee, according to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research's book number (TM / 5238) dated 04/08/2019, which entrusts the Deans' Committee with regard to the approval of some of the initial curricula of their colleges.

The meeting started with a welcoming speech by the Chairman of the Deans Committee. Dr. Talib Abdul Samad Obaid / Dean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology / University of Basra welcomed the deans and the meeting dealt with the adoption of curriculums for computer colleges after matching them according to the Ministry's books and agenda and recommendations where proposed.

Source: Department's Media

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