Planning and Studies Division

Planning and Studies Division

- Division Manager: Dr. Nada Hissien Ali

The division contains three units

  1. Statistics unit - Lect. Asst. Noor Fhadil - MSC Litrature - History
  2. Data and Informatics unit - Lect. Asst. Rahsa Mohammed - MSC Computer Scieces
  3. Planning unit - Asst. Chief Eng. Bushra Foad Khamas - Software and Computer Engineering

Activities and tasks of the Studies and Planning Division for the period from 09-12-2023 to 10-28-2023

# Task Unit
1 Update the strategic plan Manager of the Studies and Planning Division
2 Preparing the department’s annual guide Manager of the Studies and Planning Division
3 Preparing statistics for data on people with disabilities and special needs of students and employees Statistics Unit
4 Circulating a form for leadership positions at the university Manager of the Studies and Planning Division
5 Preparing a plan to enhance heritage identity (planned and completed) Planning Unit
6 Extensive operational system modernization Statistics Unit
7 Preparing statistics for the department’s quarterly activity, which includes (scientific activities, activities related to laboratories and infrastructure, statistics related to primary and graduate students) Planning Unit
8 Uploading politically dismissed candidates to a training program Planning Unit
9 Preparing a plan for educational and awareness-raising workshops, seminars, and courses in the field of protecting society from manifestations of decadence and anomaly (accomplished and planned) Planning Unit
10 Uploading data on training courses to reduce the phenomenon of drug abuse among young people on a monthly basis Planning Unit
11 Identify and send someone from the department to work on the system for the Bolona route and begin working on the system Data and Informatics Unit
12 Preparing statistics for employees who graduated from colleges of education and arts and teachers’ institutes Manager of the Studies and Planning Division
13 Preparing the National Strategic Plan for Integrity and Anti-Corruption 2021-2024 (planned and completed) Planning Unit
14 Preparing the universal periodic review regarding seminars and courses on human rights for the year 2022-2023 Planning Unit
15 Preparing the annual plan for qualification, employment and follow-up of graduates for the year 2023 Manager of the Studies and Planning Division

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