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  • Dawood's experience in the field of programming

    Published in: 2023-11-19

    Peace be upon you. I am Daqood Haitham, a student in the Computer Science Department, fourth stage, Computer Security and Cybersecurity Branch. Interested in technology in general and programming in particular since childhood, I loved this field very much, but because of its breadth, I was moving from explanation to explanation and from course to course, thinking that I was learning. I ventured into many different fields without focusing on a specific field. Although this helped me learn the basics of many areas of technology, it caused me trouble when I tried to use what I had learned, and found that I had forgotten it. So I tried to overcome this problem.

    Over time at university, I found myself helping many of my colleagues in the field of programming due to the complexity of its topics and the different languages used. I find that I tend to simplify complex topics and turn them into something easy to study and understand for myself and others. This helped me understand the topics more deeply so that I could simplify them, apply the things I learned, and explain their usefulness with real examples. Eventually, I moved from reading languages and courses to creating programs and projects with friends, even if the tools for the project were not my knowledge. This is what made me develop and innovate in the field.

    I believe that learning is an ongoing process, not a destination. We should always be willing to learn new things and apply them. We must also be willing to share our knowledge with others.

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