Program Specification

- Academic Program Description Forms

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Software Branch

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Information Systems Branch

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Artificial Intelligence Branch

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Commputer Security Branch

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Networks Branch

PDF Academic Program Description Forms for Multimedia Branch

-Course description of common materials

First Stage Second Stage Third Stage Fourth Stage

PDFStructured Programming 1

PDFObject-Oriented Programming 1


PDFOperating system 1

PDFStructured Programming 2

PDFObject-Oriented Programming 2


PDFOperating system 2

PDFLogic Design

PDFnumerical analysis

PDFcomputer architecture

PDFImage Processing 1

PDFMath 1

PDFsearch and sort algorithms

PDFOperations Research

PDFImage Processing 2

PDFMath 2

PDFData Structures

PDFcomputational theory

PDFStatic Web Programming

PDFProbability Theory

PDFDatabase Foundation

PDFknowledge representation

PDFDynamic web programming

PDFEnglish I

PDFEnglish II

PDFEnglish III

PDFEnglish IV

PDFDiscrete structures 1

PDFDatabase Design

PDF Intelligent Search Techniques

PDF Optimization

PDFData Security 1

PDFDiscrete structures 2

PDFMath 3

PDFData Security 2

PDFComputer Organization


PDFIntroduction to statistics

PDFHuman Rights

-Course Description of Specialized Courses

Branch First Stage Second Stage Third Stage Fourth Stage


PDFFundamentals of Programming Techniques

PDFAnalysis and Design Algorithms

PDFSoftware Design

PDFData Security

PDFSoftware Development Fundamentals

PDFcomputer network

PDFIntelligent Search Methods

PDFSoftware Engineering 1

PDFMachine Learning

PDFWindows Programming 1

PDFComputer Graphics and Visualization 1

PDFWindows Programming 2

PDFSoftware Engineering 2

PDFComputational Complexity

PDFComputer Graphics and Visualization 2

PDFHuman Computer Interaction

PDFMobile Application Design

PDFInformation Retrieval Techniqes

PDFSecure Software Engineering

PDFParallel Programming Paradigms

PDFData Mining and Data Warehousing

PDFSoftware Modeling analysis

PDFInformation Systems

PDFInformation Systems

PDFProject Management

PDFDistributed databases

PDFcomputer networks

PDFE - Techniques

PDFIT Project Management

PDFWeb Information Systems

PDFsoft computing

PDFInformation Technology

PDFsystems analysis and design

PDF2D Computer Graphic

PDFCloud computing foundations

PDFIntelligent Search Technologies

PDFData Security 2

PDFGegraphic Information System

PDFAccounting Information Systems

PDFBusiness Application Development

PDFData Analysis Methods

PDFData Warehouse

PDFManagement Information System

PDFArtificial Intelligence

PDFIntroduction to Artificial Intelligence

PDFNatural Language Processing and Python language

PDFComputer graphics 2D

PDFplanning and robot

PDFKnowledge representation

PDFSearch Strategies

PDFNatural Language Processing

PDFData Warehouse

PDFAlgorithms and their complexities

PDFdata mining

PDFMetaheuristic Search

PDFComputer Network

PDFprolog Language

PDFfuzzy logic

PDFExpert Systems

PDFAdvance intelegent search algorithm


PDFMachine Vision

PDFMachine Learning

PDFVoice recognition

PDFcomputer security

PDFPrincipals of Data Security

PDFSecure Software Design

PDFcomputer networks

PDF Operating Systems 1

PDFnumber theory

PDFpublic key

PDF Operating Systems 2

PDFBlock Cipher cryptography


PDFCoding Theory

PDFData and information security

PDFInformation Hiding & Watermarking

PDFAuthentication and access control

PDFMobile and network security

PDFCloud computing security

PDFStream Cipher

PDFMultimedia Fundamentals

PDFMultimedia security

PDFCyber Security

PDFEthical hacking

PDFIntelligent Systems

PDFAdvance Cryptography

PDFSoft computing

PDFnetwork management

PDFnetwork principles


PDFData security

PDFMultimedia 1

PDFMultimedia 2

PDFoperating systems 1

PDFoperating systems 2

PDFinformation theory

PDFDigital Signal Processing

PDFNetwork Programming 1

PDFNetwork Security 1

PDFCoding techniques

PDFnetwork protocols

PDFDistributed databases

PDF Network Security 2

PDFNetwork switch and routing 1

PDFNetworks Management 1

PDFNetwork switch and routing 2

PDFNetworks Management 2

PDFNetwork Programming 2

PDFWireless Networking Basics

PDFwireless networking technologies


PDFPrinciples of digital media

PDFinformation theory


PDFMultimedia security 1

PDF2D Computer Graphic

PDFMultimedia security 2

PDFmultimedia technology

PDFSoftware Engineering 2



PDFPattern recognition

PDFSoftware Engineering 1

PDFCoding Techniques

PDFDigital Audio

PDFData Compression

PDFMultimedia Data Compression


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