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Discussing the doctoral dissertation of the student Rafal Ali Samir

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- The student Rafal Ai Samir received her PhD degree from the department of computer sciences - university of thechnology for her thesis entitled (Video Summarization Using Video Object Segmentation and Bag of Visual Words) in which it introduces five suggested ways to summarize a video: a method to provide the video summary in a static format (images only) And the way the video summary progresses dynamically (sound and image) and three hybrid modes that provide a static and dynamic summary of the video. There are two basic processes for finding a video summary: training, including building the BoVW, BoAW, and testing process, which involves producing the abstract in images, audio, and images by testing its visual or audio contents or both. the discussion was on Tuesday, June 11, 2018, at the discussion hall in the department. The discussion committee consisted of (Dr. Nada Falih Hassan and Dr. Rana Farid Ghani) from the University of Technology / Computer Sciences Department and Dr. Ziad Tariq Mustafa (from the University of Diyala / Department of Computer Science and Prof. Dr. Diaa Abdul Hussein Juma) from Al Mustansiriya University / Faculty of Science / Department of Computer Science and (Dr. Ibrahim Nazeer Ibrahim) / Faculty of Basic Education in the presence of the student supervisor (Dr. Abdul Amir Abdullah Karim).

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