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Discussion of the master thesis of the student Ali Abdul-Kazim Taher

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- A discussion of the master student (Ali Abdul-Kazim Taher) was conducted in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology on his thesis entitled (Improve Genetic Algorithm Population Using Artificial Bee Colony) The Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC) is an approach of swarm intelligence that simulates the behavior of searching for honeybees in the colony, Initially, suggested solving numerical optimization problems using a unique mechanism to search for adjacent solutions. 2-opt algorithm is one of the most popular local search algorithms to solve the (TSP) problem. The principle of the algorithm is to randomly switch two cities to a specific path to produce a new path so that the total distance of the new path is shorter than the total distance of the original path. In this thesis, two methods are proposed to improve the genetic algorithm. The first by using bee colony algorithm (GABC). The second method is to improve the genetic algorithm using the 2-opt (GOPT) algorithm. The problem of generating random numbers RNG (necessary for coding algorithms) and the problem of TSP was chosen to test the two proposed methods for improving the genetic algorithm .... This was on Thursday, (2/1/2020) at the discussion hall in the department and the discussion committee consisted of (Dr. Aliaa' Karim Abdel Hassan and Dr. Ikhlas Khalaf Kabbashi) from the University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and (Dr. Haitham Abdel Latif Omar) from Alsalam University College / Department of Computer Science with the presence of the student’s supervisor (Dr. Suhad Mal Allah Kazim).

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