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A teacher from the Department published a research in the Journal of College of Law / Al-Nahrain University

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- Lect. Amal Abdul-Jabbar from the Department of Computer Science published a research titled (civil responsibility to practice telemedicine service) in the Journal of the Faculty of Law / Al-Nahrain University. The idea of ​​the research is to praise the great role that technology plays in the emergence of the telemedicine service and not to confine itself to the traditional practice of the medical profession. This service does not require the presence of the patient and the doctor in the same place. The first deals with the nature of telemedicine. As for the second topic, the position of Arab legislation on regulating the practice of this service within the framework of Arab countries in general and Iraq in particular. The third topic deals with the provisions of civil responsibility to practice the profession of telemedicine.

Source: Department's Media

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