Monday, 19 February 2024 16:17

The Department of Computer Science organizes a workshop on the role of community awareness in protecting university students from deviant behaviors and the dangers of drugs.

- The Department of Computer Science, under the supervision of the Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, organized a workshop titled "The Role of Community Awareness in Protecting University Students from Deviant Behaviors and the Dangers of Drugs". The workshop was conducted by the lecturer, the Head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at the University of Technology, Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Abbas Fadhel, on Monday, 2024/2/19, in the late Dr. Imad Kazem hall. The event was attended by the Scientific Assistant, Professor Dr. Abeer Tariq Mawlood, the Head of the Educational Guidance Unit, Dr. Mohammed Ghani, faculty members, and students. The workshop discussed the concept of self-centeredness, leading to isolation, introversion, excessive self-love, which harms the personality and deteriorates mental health, potentially leading to addiction and deviant behaviors. The lecturer emphasized the importance of focusing on mental health, which signifies the quality of psychological and social life, not merely the absence of disease. Mental health improves when an individual is surrounded by appreciation from their environment and receives support from their community. A supportive family environment produces individuals with stable mental health, free from addiction and deviations. The workshop also highlighted that when individuals help others, the body releases the "happiness hormone," which is more pronounced in those who initiate help than in the recipients themselves. Additionally, the concept and definition of addiction were clarified, described as a chronic disease that individuals should avoid. Addiction means physical and psychological surrender to a drug or activity to the extent that life becomes dependent on it, making it difficult to quit and affecting the body and brain's functioning. At the end of the workshop, the Scientific Assistant, Professor Dr. Abeer Tariq Mawlood, presented a certificate of appreciation to the lecturer in recognition of his efforts in delivering the lecture, and a commemorative photo was taken for the occasion.


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