Sunday, 18 February 2024 21:28

The Department of Computer Science organized a workshop on scholarly publishing

- Referencing the letter from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority on the standards of scholarly publishing aimed at enhancing scientific research, and as part of the second semester activities of the Department of Computer Science under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, the Department of Computer Science organized a workshop titled "Scholarly Publishing". The workshop was delivered by the department head, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, and Assistant Professor Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Ghithwan in the late Dr. Imad Kazem hall on Sunday, 2024/2/18, attended by a large number of faculty members and students. The workshop covered the essential criteria that must be considered in scientific research to meet the publication requirements in prestigious international repositories. This includes following specific procedures to ensure the research quality, documentation, and dissemination within the scientific community. Among these mechanisms are choosing an appropriate scientific journal in their research field, scrutinizing the selected journals for their integrity, ensuring research documentation, and focusing on copyright issues, which researchers must be knowledgeable about. Some research should not be published, including those that do not receive scientific interest, contain outdated content, or are repetitive. The workshop also discussed the publication timelines that a published research might undergo, including an acceptance period from 5 to 25 weeks, an electronic publication period from 8 to 31 weeks, and actual publication from 13 to 50 weeks. At the end of the workshop, the Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, awarded a certificate of appreciation to the lecturer, Assistant Professor Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, in recognition of his efforts in delivering this workshop, and a commemorative photo was taken for the occasion.


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