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Master's thesis in the Department of Computer Science discusses a proposal for a method for detecting malware in a fog environment

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- The Department of Computer Science discussed the tagged master's thesis Propose Hidden Naive Bayesian To Detect And Prevent Ransomware In Fog Enviroment Suggesting a method for detecting malicious programs in a fog environment for master's student Shaima Ali Kazem, General Computer Science, in the discussion room in the annex building of the Department of Computer Science. The message aims to build nids. In the fog environment to detect malware based on two levels. Due to the large number of intranet devices, there is congestion in cloud computing and needs an immediate answer, which means that it does not accept any delay due to data migration, the cloud has its limits that can be overcome and results have been obtained Very good for malware detection. The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Haider Kazem Mahmoud as chairman, Prof. Dr. Abeer Tariq, Dr. Ayad Hazem, Dr. Sakina Hassan Hashem, member and supervisors, Dr. Shatha Habib Jaafar, member and supervisor


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