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Discussion of the doctoral student (Suhad Muhajir Karim) in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology

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- A doctoral student (Suhad Muhajir Karim) was discussed in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology for his tagged thesis Multilevel key encryption algorithm based on Galois Field of irreducible polynomials (includes current work Provides three types of symmetric encryption algorithms: blockchain (DES, AES, Blowfish and Twofish), streamlined as RC4. And hash such. MD5 by introducing a new modification of the encryption algorithms to enhance security. This is achieved by substitution The basic binary operation (XOR) in each cycle of these algorithms with two new operations proposed. The first suggestion is New process called (E #) based on applying multi-state tables created based on addition in GF (2n) with variable blocks The volume could be (1,2,4,8 blocks) while the second proposition represents another process called (CGE #) Cyclic Group # Operation with tables. Polynomial is constructed based on the term cyclic group and polynomial is irreducible in GF (2n). And it was That was on Wednesday, 8/19/2020, and in the discussion room in the department building, and the discussion committee was composed of (Prof. Dr. Hala Bahjat) Abdel Wahab and Prof. Alaa Kazem Farhan and Prof. Nidaa Falih Hassan) from the University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and (Prof. Ziad Tariq) Mustafa) from Diyala University / Department of Computer Science and (Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Nasser) from Imam Al-Sadiq University / Department of Computer Science In the presence of the student's supervisor (Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Saleh Rahma).

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