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Students in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology representing Iraq to qualify for the realistic solutions competition in the Middle East and Africa, supported by the Google company

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- The Developing Students Club at the Technological University of the East, representing Iraq, participated in the Realistic Solutions Competition in the Middle East and North Google, supported by Google, has five software projects aimed at serving the community A project jury was established
1- Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Hammadi / Google expert in the field of G-Suit
2- Professor Rayan Al-Dahab / Google's expert in the field of G-Suit
3- Mr. Ahmed Subhi / Kokel expert in the field of IoT
4- Salim Obaid / Kokal Developers Officer in the Arab World
Total projects: 76 projects Participating countries (Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Iraq, Morocco, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan) 30 projects qualified to the semi-final stage
Egypt 20 - Morocco 1 - Iraq 2 - Saudi Arabia 2 - Jordan 1 - Algeria 4
Qualified projects from Iraq
1- Simplified Genes Project for Sixth Prep Students:
Naji al-Din Sabah
Ahmed Khudair phone
Nour Ahmed Talib
Ali Zuhair Ahmed
2- Clothing Measurements Conversion Project:
Karar Messenger Gabr
Fatima Al-Zahraa Fayrouz Gabr
Rose Riad
Hussein Ahmed Diaa
The eligible projects were distributed into 3 groups, the first project was within (cohort M) and the second project was included in (cohort B) Where direct presentations were made to present the 30 projects in the presence of the judges and in the presence of Mrs. Erica Hanson, responsible for the student clubs developed in Scientist and Professor Sebastian, a developer of Google in Africa

Source: Department's Media

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