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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology awards a master's degree on (key generation system using biometrics)

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- The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology granted a master’s degree to a master’s student (Duha Dawood Salman) Computer / General Sciences specialization on her thesis tagged (a key generation system using biometrics) on Monday 11/5/2020 on the discussion hall in the department. The thesis was accepted and the student was granted Master's degree . The discussion committee consisted of:
1- Prof. Dr. Haitham Abdel Latif Omar, President
2- Prof. Shaimaa Hamid Shaker, member
3- Prof. Ekhlas Khalaf Kabashi, member
4- Dr. Raghad Abdulali Aziz as a member and supervisor
5- Dr. Abdul Mohsen Jaber is a member and supervisor
Human users find it difficult to remember long encryption keys, so researchers for a long time were looking at ways to use the user's biometric features instead of an unforgettable password or passphrase in an attempt to produce difficult and repeatable encryption keys. The aim of the research is to integrate the fluctuation of the user's vital features into the generated key in order to build the unpredictable key for an intruder who lacks important knowledge about the user's vital metrics.

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