Information Systems MSC


The department graduate can work in the following fields

  1. The process of development and progress in companies and institutions, raising productivity and improving the level of efficiency in companies.
  2. Facilitating better decision-making and planning to improve the company's strategy, and to achieve the required results with the least possible time, effort and cost.
  3. Meet the needs of companies to collect, store, process, distribute and provide information and data properly.
  4. Contribute to planning and analyzing various data in an easier and faster way to document and retrieve information.
  5. Managing information at all levels, making operational decisions and providing detailed reports accurately.
  6. Strategic planning and development of information systems.
  7. Technical consultant
  8. Electronic commerce worker
  9. Systems analyst
  10. Business systems project manager
  11. Database analyst
  12. Business systems analyst
  13. Work in the academic field


Entities that have hired network administration graduates:

  1. Ministry of Communications
  2. Ministry of Interior
  3. Ministry of Defense
  4. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  5. Ministry of Health
  6. Ministry Of Agriculture
  7. Ministry of Commerce
  8. Banks
  9. The Ministry of Electricity
  10. Oil Ministry


Duration of study for specialization:

2 years


The scientific department that grants the specialization:

Department of Computer Sciences


The scientific backgrounds that can be submitted to obtain the specialization:

BSC of computer sciences - Information Systems