Networks Management BSc


The department graduate can work in the following fields

  1. In services of computers and networks.
  2. Network technician: Responsible for network infrastructure, including cabling, local area networks, wide area networks, security and wireless network services, including monitoring, DNS, and VPN telephony infrastructure, Security, including firewalls, wired and wireless networks.
  3. Technical Support Specialist .: Provides support for network devices such as routers, switches, security solutions, wireless solutions, VOIP, and network management over WAN / LAN.
  4. Network Administration Officer: Managing, evaluating and recommending agreements with vendors for external services including cables, data storage, equipment maintenance and repair, program support and other services, quality assurance and cost effectiveness.
  5. Network administrator: Work closely with departmental managers to define future network needs and plan network changes.
  6. Network specialist: knowledge of firewalls and VPN location.
  7. Network devices sales specialist.
  8. Scientific research on network management and security


Entities that have hired network administration graduates:

  1. Ministry of Communications
  2. Ministry of Interior
  3. Ministry of Defense
  4. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  5. Ministry of Health
  6. Ministry Of Agriculture
  7. Ministry of Commerce
  8. TBI Bank Zain Telecom and Asia cell Communications Company
  9. The Ministry of Electricity
  10. Oil Ministry


Duration of study for specialization:

4 years


5- The scientific department that grants the specialization:

Computer Sciences Department


The scientific backgrounds that can be submitted to obtain the specialization:

Certificate of high school - scientific - applied and bio