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# Employee Name WorkPlace Specialization Official email
1 Akeel Mahdi Mhawi Administrative Division Management and Economy  
2 Ali Atwan Hazeem      
3 Ali Hussien Sadek Maintenance Division Computer Technologies  
4 Ali Obeed Hasan      
5 Ali Oraiby Sahy Registration Division Chemistry  
6 Ali Sami Abdul Mohsen Quality Division Computer Science  
7 Anwar Noori Sawhaj Scientific Associate Secretariat Management and Economy  
8 Asmaa Rasheed Salman Graduate Studies Division Computer Science  
9 Bushra Foad Khamas Laboratories Division Computer Engineering  
10 Dalal Turky Eial Graduate Studies Division Computer Science  
11 Dalia Tariq Khodier Graduate Studies Division Software Engineering  
12 Duaa Hussien Hameed The Department's Decision Computer Science  
13 Fadhil Abass Fhadil Administrative Assistant Secretary Computer Science  
14 Fatin Fakher Jwaied Registration Division Business Administration  
15 Haider Mohammed Hasan Statistics Division Statistics and Computer Sciences  
16 Ibtihal Mutasher Shnawa Administrative Division    
17 Ibtisam Samir Abdulrazaq Financial Division Management and Economy  
18 Jafar Abd Awn Registration Division Bank Management  
19 Khadeja Karam Ali Scientific Associate Secretariat Management and Economy  
20 Khadum Kareem Hamad      
21 Laith Bahjat Gafoori Division of Records and Graduates Agriculture  
22 Mohammed Thamer Abdul Hadi Internet and Information Technology Unit Computer Science  
23 Mukdad Fadhil Hussien Registration Division Administrative and military sciences  
24 Mohammed Abdullah Abbas  Stores Division Computer Engineering  
25 Nadia Abdul Monem Salman Quality Division Computer Science  
26 Nagham Hekmat Saed Library Division Business Administration  
27 Nazeer Mohammad Habeb Maintenance Division Electromechanical  
28 Noor Abdul Satar Muhi Administrative Division Management  
29 Noor Monem Abass Registration Division Computer Science  
30 Raghad Kamel Hamoudi Laboratories Division Computer Science  
31 Rana Mohammed Mohsen Yahia Laboratories Division Software Engineering  
32 Roaa Younus Hasan Graduate Studies Division Computer Science  
33 Saba Ali Hasan Financial Division Banking services  
34 Sally Zuhair Saeed Division of Records and Graduates Computer Science  
35 Salam Jabbar Mutair Administrative Division High School Industry / Chemistry  
36 Sajjad Salem Sdkan Department Head Office Computer Science  
37 Shatha Mahdi Farhan Department Head Office Computer Science  
38 Salima Mohammed Rudaiwy      
39 Suhad Hekmat Raof Financial Division Counting  
40 Thamir Abdul Rahim Salman Quality Division Islamic science  
41 Tiba Sami Habeeb Administrative Division Management  
42 Yasameen Imad Khadum Statistics Division Computer Science  
43 Yousuf Samir Abdul Ameer Graduate Studies Division Computer Science  
44 Zain Alabideen Hammed Ghafel      
45 Zina Hazim Ibrahim Financial Division Accounting  
46 Ziyad Waleed Zidan Maintenance Division Electromechanical  

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