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Teaching Staff and Employees


  C.V Title Research Gate Google Scholar
Dr. Abdul Monem S. Rahma 2008
Dr. Ahmed T. Sadiq 2014
Dr. Matheel E. Abdul Monem 2017
Dr. Abdul Muhsen J. Abdul Hussien 2017
Dr. Hala B. Abdul Wahab 2019
Dr. Hanaa M. Ahmed 2019
Dr. Abdul Ameer A. Kareem 2019
  C.V Title Research Gate Google Scholar
Dr. Alia K. Abdul Hasan 2008
Dr. Nidaa F. Hassan 2009
Dr. Soukaena H. Hashim 2009
Dr. Rehab F. Hasan   2010  
Dr. Yousra H. Ali 2010
Dr. Rana F. Ghani 2010
Dr. Hasanen S. Abdullah 2011
Dr. Suhad M. Kadhem 2012
Dr. Alaa K. Farhan 2012
Asst. Prof. Alaa N. Mezher 2013  
Dr. Abeer T. Mawlood 2014
Dr. Shaimaa Hameed Shakir 2014
Dr. Maysaa' A. Khider 2016
Dr. Esraa A. Abdul Jabbar 2016
Dr. Ayad R. Abbas 2016
Dr. Esraa T. Ali 2018
Dr. Ekbas E. Ali 2018
Dr. Ekhlas K. Kbashi 2018
Dr. Raheem A. Ogla 2019
  C.V Title Research Gate Google Scholar
Lect. Alaa A. Hashim 2006
Lect. Enas T. Khudaer   2010
Lect. Dr. Muhammed N. Fadhil   2010
Lect. Dr. Asia A. Salman 2011    
Lect. Amal A. Hassoni 2011  
Lect. Yaser M. Ismael 2011  
Lect. Dr. Ekhlas F. Naser 2012
Lect. Eman S. Mahmod   2012  
Lect. Dr. Rageed D. Salem 2012  
Lect. Ali H. Humadi 2012  
Lect. Muhamed G. Alwan 2012  
Lect. Sura A. Majeed 2013
Lect. Dr. Suhair M. Zeki 2013
Lect. Dr. Shathaa H. Jafar 2013  
Lect. Anmar A. Mohammed 2014
Lect. Dr. Bashar S. Mahdi   2015
Lect. Dr. Nuha J. Ibrahim 2015
Lect. Dr. Khalel I. Gathwan 2016
Lect. Dr. Athraa J. Mohammed 2016
Lect. Dr. Mustafa H. Jasim 2018
Lect. Sura M. Abdullah 2018
Lect. Ammar F. Mahdi   2018
Lect. Dr. Ayad H. Ibrahim 2018    
Lect. Dr. Ali S. Thiab 2018    
Lect. Dr. Ali A. Saed      
  C.V Title Research Gate Google Scholar
Asst. Lect. Noor M. Abdul Hameed 2008    
Asst. Lect. Farah T. Abdul Hussein 2009
Asst. Lect. Saja S. Aziz   2013    
Asst. Lect. Saimaa H. Aziz 2013  
Asst. Lect. Manar M. Fatikhan   2013  
Asst. Lect. Alia' H. Zwaid 2013  
Asst. Lect. Wissam A. Mahmoud   2013  
Asst. Lect. Osama Y. Fadhil 2014
Asst. Lect. Khadum Ali Khadum   2014    
Asst. Lect. Noor H. Abdul Ameer 2014
Asst. Lect. Muna G. Abdul Saheb 2014
Asst. Lect. Nada N. Kamal 2014
Asst. Lect. Rasha I. Ahmed 2015  
Asst. Lect. Tiba W. Khairy 2015  
Asst. Lect. Zahraa A. Najim   2016
Asst. Lect. Saif B. Neama 2016
Asst. Lect. Rana M. Zaki   2016  
Asst. Lect. May Sabri 2016
Asst. Lect. Wisam M. Lafta 2017  
Asst. Lect. Atheer R. Mohsen   2017  
Asst. Lect. Ghazwah G. Jumaa'   2017    
Asst. Lect. Dina Khadum Mohsen 2018  
Asst. Lect. Zainab Ali Yakoob   2018    
Asst. Lect. Rasha Mohammed Mohsen 2018  
Asst. Lect. Ahmed Hamed Ahmed   2018  
Asst. Lect. Ahmed Abdul Saheb   2019    
# Employee Name Hiring Date Title Degree Speciality Given By
1 Akeel Mahdi Mhawi 2008-08-25 Oservant BSc Management and Economy Al Mousul University
2 Ali Atwan Hazeem 2010-12-27 First Craftsman      
3 Ali Hussien Sadek 2012-07-10 Technician Technical Diploma Electricity Baghdad Institute of Technology
4 Ali Obeed Hasan 2008-08-25 First Craftsman Elementary   Abd AlMutalib School
5 Ali Oraiby Sahy 2008-02-19 Technical Observant Assistant Industry Preparatory Chemesrty 1st June Industry Preparatory
6 Ali Sami Abdul Mohsen   Programmer Assistant BSc Computer Science Baghdad Colege for Economical Sciences
7 Ali Tuama Hawi   Researcher Assistant BSc Mathematics Education Al Mustasriyah University
8 Anwar Mahmoud Haleem   Manager Assistant BSc Management and Economy University of Baghdad
9 Anwar Noori Sawhaj 1993-10-01 Manager Assistant BSc Management and Economy Al Mustansryiah University
10 Asmaa Rasheed Salman 2008-08-25 Senior Researcher BSc Computer Science University of Diyalah
11 Bushra Foad Khamas 2006-03-30 Senior Engineer BSc Computer and Software Engineering University of Technology
12 Dalal Turky Eial   Researcher Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
13 Dalia Tariq Khodier 2009-07-19 Programmer BSc Software Engineering Alrafidien University College
14 Duaa Hussien Hameed 2016-12-29 Programmer Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
15 Durgam Saadi Abdul Saheb 2009-09-17 Engineer BSc Mechanical University of Technology
16 Fadhil Abass Fhadil 2015-09-14 Programmer Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
17 Fatin Fakher Jwaied   Chief Observant BSc Business Management Al Mustansiryah Universtity
18 Haider Mohammed Hasan 2012-04-12 Statistisian BSc Statistics and Computer Sciences Alrafidien University College
19 Ibtihal Mutasher Shnawa   Senior Craftsman Intermediate   Qlaat Sukar School
20 Ibtisam Samir Abdulrazaq 2008-08-25 Senior Accountant BSc Management and Economy University of Baghdad
21 Jafar Abd Awn 2008-08-25 Observant Assistant Technical Diploma Banks Management Rusafa Technical Institute
22 Khadeja Karam Ali 1992-10-11 Technical Manager Assistant Technical Diploma Management Rusafa Technical Institute
23 Khadum Kareem Hamad 2008-08-24 Senior Craftsman Elementry   Baghdad School
24 Laith Bahjat Gafoori 2009-07-19 Engineer Agriculture   University of Baghdad
25 Muhammed Thamer Abdul Hadi 2016-12-28 Programmer Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
26 Mukdad Fadhil Hussien 1991-01-01 Manager BSc Management and Military Sciences Military Academy
27 Nada Hussien Jawad   Associate Accounts Officer Management Institute Accounting Al Rusafa Management Institute
28 Nadia Abdul Monem Salman 2000-02-19 Chief Researcher BSc Computer Science University of Technology
29 Nagham Hekmat Saed 2001-12-23 Technical Manager Assistant BSc Business Management University of Baghdad
30 Nawfal Abdullah Ramadan 1993-11-16 Manager Assistant BSc Military and Management Sciences Military Academy
31 Noor Abdul Satar Muhi   Writer Diploma Management Al Rusafa Institute of Management
32 Noor Monem Abass 2013-05-05 Research Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
33 Raghad Kamel Hamoudi 1993-10-03 Senior Researches Chief BSc Computer Science University of Technology
34 Rana Aref Hameed 2008-10-04 Observant Assistant Technical Diploma Libraries Mamagement Almansur Technical Institution
35 Rana Mohammed Mohsen Yahia 2001-12-21 Programmer Chief Assistant BSc Software Emgineering Alrafidien University College
36 Roaa Younus Hasan 2006-03-12 Senior Researcher BSc Computer Science University of Technology
37 Saba Ali Hasan 2006-03-22 Senior Programmer High Diploma Banking Services Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics
38 Salima Mohammed Rudaiwy   Craftsman Elementry    
39 Suhad Hekmat Raof 1986-12-24 Senior Chief Statistisian Technical Diploma Statistics Institute of Management and Economy
40 Thamir Abdul Rahim Salman 1984-01-23 Manager Assistant BSc Islamic Sciences University of Baghdad
41 Tiba Sami Habeeb   Writer Diploma Management Alrusafa Institute of Management
42 Yasameen Imad Khadum 2011-12-21 Research BSc Computer Sciences Al Rafidien University College
43 Yousuf Samir Abdul Ameer 2016-12-28 Programmer Assistant BSc Computer Science University of Technology
44 Zain Alabideen Hammed Ghafel 2008-08-24 First Craftsman      
45 Zina Hazim Ibrahim 1999-02-01 Chief Observant Trading Preparatory Accounting Tariq Bin Ziyad Trading Preparatory
46 Ziyad Waleed Zidan   Technical Chief Observant BSc Electromechanics University of Technology

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