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- The Educational and Health Guidance Unit in the departments held a seminar on Sunday 2/4/2017 at 12 PM at the hall of the late Dr. Imad Kadhum. In the presence of the Head of Department. Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab and Dr. Abdul Mohsen Jaber Abdul-Hussein Head of Educational Guidance Unit in the Department and the Registrar of the Department Lect. Yasser Munther and the branches heads, the seminar discussed the following topics:


  1. Renunciation of religious and sectarian extremism and the consolidation of national identity and patriotism and belonging to it.
  2. Public studebt behavior on campus and department.
  3. Taking care of the status of students in the internal departments and to consolidate the values of community coexistence and not to use cameras in them.
  4. Discussion of the courses system.
  5. Support our valiant armed forces and the popular crowd.
  6. Commitment to suitable clothes.
  7. Infectious diseases and how to prevent them.
  8. Caring for students with special needs.
  9. Education against terrorist ideology.
  10. Using of social media.
  11. Electronic fraud.
  12. Commitment to official time.

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