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Department of Computer Sciences participated in the Third International Conference on GIS

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- The Department of Computer Sciences represented by Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab, member of the scientific committee and presiding judge on the second day of the conference in the third international conference of GIS and geophysical techniques, held by Al Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies (15-16 /6/2019). under the care of Dr. Emad Hussain Marza Al-Husseini presedent of University of Technology, and the heads of departments (Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Manshed, Head of Laser Engineering Department, Dr. Hisham Selim, Head of Electromechanical Engineering Department, and Dr. Zeinab Youssef, Head of Pollution Department) .

The conference was attended by prominent scientific figures at Al-Karkh University of Science, Baghdad University, Al-Rafidain University College, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Finance, Dhi Qar University, Manchester University, the United Nations Program of Germany and Atlas Company.

The conference began with a number of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the speech of His Excellency the National Security Advisor. The conference discussed many topics, including the use of geospatial techniques in supporting the security sector, decision making in the field of security and defense, protection of infrastructures and experiences of government institutions and their applications. The use of land and e-government and the management of state institutions and contribute to the preparation of the National Development Plan for the years 2022-2018 and the contribution of the private sector in the implementation of plans and strategies in the field of geospatial techniques and raise the efficiency of administrative decision and combat thousand Ed and experiences leading international applications.

The conference concluded by presenting the achievements of the previous conferences, evaluating their impact and presenting the possibilities of the Iraqi institutions in the field of geographic information systems, geophysical techniques and their applications, coordinating them and highlighting the role of geographic information systems and geophysical techniques in combating terrorism in Iraq, and learning about the international experiences in this field. In order to build future visions for the advancement of geographic information systems and their applications in integration with other spatial fluctuations in the various state institutions in order to build a partnership between the private sector and the public and the concerned departments and activate investment resulting from this partnership.

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