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Master thesis discussion for the student Hassanein Alwan Malik

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- A master thesis discussion was held for the student Hassanein Alwan Malik from the Department of Computer Sciences / University of Technology for his thesis entitled (Decision Support System using Arabic Text Mining and Rough Set Theory). This study aimed to develop a categorization system based on the word’s meaning when differentiating information, which can differentiate in everyone with the other attempt to fix the trouble of noise information. The present work based on an implement classification system for Arab Complaint. The basis of this system is to construct a Decision Support Systems, Text Mining, and Rough Set. Firstly, classical text mining stages have been achieved. Then classification stage by using rough set theory concepts The task of classification in the stage of testing depends on the dependency degree concept in the raw group theory than before to treat all the characteristics of every one of the classes that result from the stage of training as particular condition rules and, therefore, considered in the lower rounding group.. This was on Sunday, 12/1/2020 at the discussion hall in the department and the discussion committee was composed of (Dr. Yousra Hussein Ali and Dr. Hasanien Samir Abdullah) from the University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and (Dr. Shaker Kazem Ali) from Dhi Qar University / Department of Computer Science and in the presence of the student supervisor (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Tariq Sadiq).

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