Sunday, 28 January 2024 18:01

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology has developed a new logo

- The Department of Computer Science has introduced a new logo for the department, inspired by the nature of the department and its specializations. The logo features two tall, parallel pillars, one orange and the other blue, ending in an open arch pointing towards the sky, symbolizing loftiness and inspiration. The year 1983 is included, marking the founding date of the department. The logo contains six units representing the six scientific branches in the Department of Computer Science: Software Engineering, Computer and Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Network Management, and Multimedia. These units represent the data specialization in the department, which focuses on using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and ideas from data. In the top left of the logo, the text 'Computer Science, University of Technology' is represented in binary code (01). A group of small squares indicates the data input unit in computer devices. The geometric shape inside the logo refers to the automation of processes and data using programming and technology for automatic data analysis and processing, without manual intervention, in fields such as e-commerce, medicine, finance, and their management.


Source: Department's Media

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