Thursday, 18 January 2024 18:09

Female faculty members from the Department of Computer Science participated in a training course

- he lecturers (Assistant Lecturer Dalia Tariq Khudair, Assistant Lecturer Rasha Mohammed Mohsen, Doctor Mona Ghazi Abdul Sahib, Assistant Lecturer Rasha Ismail Ahmed, and Instructor Inas Tariq Khudair) from the Department of Computer Science participated in the training course titled (Introduction to C# Language), organized by the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Technology from January 7th to 11th, 2024. This course is one of a series in which the department's faculty participate to improve the quality of education. The course aimed to develop the lecturers' abilities and skills in the C# language. It included two main components: the theoretical aspect, which involved lectures covering the basics and principles of C# language, and the second component focused on enhancing practical skills. At the conclusion of the course, the lecturers expressed their engagement and the benefits they gained from the material presented.


Source: Department's Media

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