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The Department of Computer Science organizes a scientific workshop for postgraduate students to discuss the themes of artificial intelligence and its relationship to education

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- Within the series of cultural activities for the academic year 2022-2023, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology organized a scientific workshop for postgraduate students entitled (Artificial Intelligence and its Relationship to Education) for the lecture by Dr. Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdel-Hassan, Scientific Assistant, Assistant Professor, Dr. Noha Jamil Ibrahim, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Professor, Dr. Bashar Saadoun Mahdi, and postgraduate students in the department. The lecturer, Dr. Sahar Al-Sudani, holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Baghdad, a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology and a PhD from French universities. She is a lecturer at King Kong University in London and a visiting professor at the Singapore Technology Foundation, which holds the third sequence in Singapore. The workshop discussed the development that the world is witnessing in artificial intelligence, especially in the medical and educational fields, and how to address the problems facing institutions through artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on the importance of the role of the human element in building a database for this and the need to increase the confidence of postgraduate students in themselves and develop their language skills in the language English by using the method of dialogue without the need to join special courses and the establishment of good relations between postgraduate students among themselves on the one hand and their relationship with their professors on the other hand and the establishment of cooperation between foreign universities and Iraqi public universities. And there was talk about the VR virtual environment, which allows the transition to a virtual reality through which the dentist or programmer can be present in modern laboratories and conduct tests related to their work without the need to travel to the work site, especially for medical, military and scientific purposes. At the end of the workshop, students' interventions were listened to in order to create a good environment for cooperation in the completion of joint research between the lecturer and postgraduate students (Master's and PhD) in the department.


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