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A seminar in the Department of Computer Science discusses the importance and knowledge of university life

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- The Department of Computer Science, in cooperation with the Istiqama Student Association, organized a symposium entitled "The Importance and Knowledge of University Life" by Lecturer Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab in the discussion hall in the building of the Department of Computer Science on Monday 16/1/2023. In celebration of the students of the first stage and in the presence of the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Professor Dr. Alia Karim Abdul Hassan and the administrative assistant, Dr. Bashar Saadoun, and the director of the Division of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations, a good teacher, Walaa al-Din Khairy. The symposium stressed the need for mutual respect among students to prevail among them. The components of personality building were touched upon, starting from choosing the scientific specialization of the student, building a religious system, and building political awareness. Knowing the truth and falsehood, not being drawn into social networking sites, how to choose a friend according to special criteria, clarifying the concept of mixing according to Islamic regulations, and adhering to modest dress. The university student’s relationship with society was discussed as a higher value, his relationship with his teachers, and the difference between school and university.


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