Thursday, 17 November 2022 18:44

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology holds a symposium on the dangers of rumor and drugs and their impact on society

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- The Department of Computer Science held a symposium on the dangers of rumors and drugs and their impact on society, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Department of Fighting Rumors, in the hall of the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, on Tuesday 11/8/2022. In the presence of the Assistant President of the University of Technology for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, the Head of the Computer Science Department, Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdel Hassan, and a number of professors and students. The symposium was attended by Brigadier General Nebras Muhammad Ali, Director of the Anti-Rumours Department at the Ministry of Interior. The symposium emphasized the need to preserve family cohesion and interdependence at a time when society suffers from the existence of gaps within the same family due to the preoccupation of its members with social media and their distance from each other, which leads to an increase in electronic extortion and suicide crimes, and external parties stand behind this in an attempt to stop progress. And disrupting young energies, and emphasis has been placed on the need for the individual to enjoy the legal culture in order to deal consciously with websites and not to encourage low-level videos.


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