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The Department of Computer Science discusses encoding 3D content using several levels of chaotic maps

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- The Department of Computer Science discussed the tagged PhD thesis 3D Content Encrption Using Multi-level Chaotic Maps Encrypting the three-dimensional content using several levels of chaotic maps by the student Nashwan Al-Salam Ali Mikhlif on the discussion room in the building of the Department of Computer Science. The thesis aims to design an encryption system to protect 3D content with many features represented by high security through multi-level protection achieved using different keys from chaotic maps and solving the problem of lengthy computations in encryption methods. It was concluded that the use of chaotic systems in encrypting 3D content provides high protection by generating a very large key range and thus resistant to various types of attacks, in addition to that the encryption process is fast and does not take long. The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Diaa Abdel-Hussein Gomaa as Chairman, Prof. Nidaa Falih Hassan, Prof. Jane Jalil Estefan, Prof. Rehab Falih Hassan, and Prof. Dr. Iqbas Ezzedine Ali Wa. Dr. Abdel Moneim Saleh Rahma, member and supervisor, and Dr. Shaima Hamid Shaker, member and supervisor.


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