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A PhD thesis in the Department of Computer Science discussing the technique of positioning in ad hoc ship networks using the fuzzy average clustering

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-The Department of Computer Science discussed the PhD thesis tagged "Improving Localization Technique For Marin Based on Edg and computing Positioning technique in ad hoc ship networks using fuzzy average clustering For the student Somaya Abdullah Hamad on the discussion room in the building of the Department of Computer Science. The thesis aims to build a new model for estimating locations in ad hoc ship networks, as the operations of finding locations in ad hoc mobile networks are difficult due to the instability of nodes movement due to climatic conditions, so it is important to find an efficient way to locate locations accurately and to overcome these difficulties by achieving high stability of the nodes. Very good results were obtained in evaluating sites, with high efficiency and small error rate. The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Ban Nadim Thanoun as chairmen, Prof. Haider Kazem, Prof. Sakina Hassan Hashem, Prof. Iyad Roudhan Abbas, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sabah Ahmed as members. And Prof. Dr. Yousra Hussein Ali, member and supervisor, and Prof. Dr. Shaima Hamid Shaker, member and supervisor.


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