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A master's thesis in the Department of Computer Science discusses "hiding the encoded message in a color based on a two-dimensional wavelet beam."

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- The Department of Computer Science discussed a master's thesis tagged "Hiding the encoded message in a color based on a two-dimensional waveform package" by student Sally Adnan Mahdi of Computer Science / General on Sunday 4/18/2021 in the discussion room of the Computer Science Department building. The message aims to build a system to send and receive an image between two parties that contains a secret message that cannot be observed, solves the problem of data loss in a two-dimensional wave packet and extracts the message in the same way as information hiding and decoding to obtain a plain and complete text. The message discusses encoding the secret message and using the spatial domain technology to hide the encrypted messages. It was concluded that this method is better and faster and gave high results and full access to the data. The discussion committee was drawn from

  • Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Amir Abdullah Karim as Chairman
  • Dr. Rana Saad Muhammad is a member
  • Dr. Bashar Saadoun Mahdi, member
  • Prof. Maysa Abd Ali Khader, member and supervisor




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