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Discussion of the doctoral student (Abeer Dawood Salman) in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology

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- A doctoral student (Abeer Dawood Salman) was discussed in the Department of Computer Science / University of Technology for his thesis tagged a mark A proposed dynamic watermark for 3D video includes the current work in this thesis, a proposed property rights protection system For 3D video, this system possesses important characteristics in that it is random, safe, blind, strong, and stable. In this thesis was done Choose 3D video, this type of representation handles a large amount of MVD that is represented in multi-vision video with Depth of five MVD data and to make the watermark system work efficiently, various algorithms for summarizing shapes have been implemented. All technologies work to extract the frames that carry the basic information of the scene to be used later in the embedding process Watermark. To break the stereotype that a single watermark is included in all frames, a new technology has been proposed to generate Dynamic watermarks. This technique generates watermarks using depth scenes based on an extraction algorithm Properties. That was on Wednesday, 9/2/2020, and in the discussion room in the department building, and the discussion committee was composed of (Prof. Dr. Abdul Amir Abdullah Karim And M.D. Shaima Hamid Shaker and Prof. Ikhlas Khalaf Kabashi) from the University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and (Prof. Dr. Sadiq Abdulaziz Mahdi) from Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Education / Department of Computer Science and (Prof. Nada Hussein Muhammad) from the University of Baghdad / College of Science / Department of Computer Science, in the presence of the student's supervisor (Prof. Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdel Wahab).

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