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Wednesday, 22 July 2020 17:59

A teacher from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology participates in a two-research scientific conference

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- The teaching in the Department of Computer Science Professor Dr. Hana Mohsen Ahmed participated in the electronic scientific conference held by the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences / Department of Computer Science under the slogan (Information Technology to Promote E-Learning and Applications 2020), which was held for the period from 10-12 June 2020 and sponsored by IEEE with two researches first Entitled "Real-time Facial Recognition System Using Al-Razabari Fa". The aim of this research is to build a system that works in real-time facial recognition for disabled people and facilitates them to open the door lock remotely. As this system is cost effective, high performance, safety and ease of use, which can be used as any application in the smart home. Where the system was built with its physical and software parts) using the Raspberry Fa Al-Maan using the Violence Johnson algorithm for facial recognition. The second research entitled (classification of eye diseases using a multi-pyramid artificial neural network) the human eye is an important organ responsible for human vision. This research deals with the diagnosis of seven different external eye diseases. The graph and texture were extracted as a feature by Hugh Min Max (diff (HMMD), and classification technology was used to achieve the goal of diagnosing external eye diseases. The proposed method was applied to external eye diseases with a data set consisting of 416 images and the result was 85.26315% with an accuracy rate achieved

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