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The Division of Graduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science and in cooperation with the committee formed to administer and implement electronic exams.

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- A workshop will be held on Tuesday 6/9 at 2 pm on the zoom cloud online platform The workshop included guidance and guidance for graduate and master’s students on electronic exams for the second semester of postgraduate studies for the academic year 2019/2020. . The department head started the first minutes of the workshop with the word for postgraduate students, which included the following: Under the exceptional circumstances, all the teachers have fulfilled their obligations towards their students with dedication. And now we have reached the stage of the end of the second semester of the electronic exams required for graduate students. It is very important in the experience of electronic examinations to assume the existence of academic ethics for the student and good thinking. Under these circumstances, we are all required to return this stage to safety Everyone is appreciative of the circumstances and obstacles, but we wish you calm and reassurance and extend a helping hand to complete this stage by preparing as many preparations as possible to take the exam and complete this semester. God willing, with your teaching efforts, your efforts, and everyone's efforts, we will prepare and produce the best results at this stage

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