Scientific and Art Galleries


Scientific Exihibitions, Art Galleries and Charity Campaigns


Honoring the Head of the Computer Science Department at the Zahra (PBUH) Cultural Creative Women Forum 2021-03-3


Computer science department at the University of Technology visits the book fair 2020-01-19


A teacher from the department receives the Medal of Creativity for participating in the exhibition of scientific projects 2019-04-27
instructors from our department receive a certificate of appreciation from Patent Exhibition 2019-04-27


A delegation of the Department visits the Elderly Home in the Sulaikh area 2018-03-11
Field visit of a delegation from the Department of Computer Sciences to the Iraqi House Foundation for creativity 2018-02-15


The Department visits the families of martyrs Al Basateen neighborhood 2017-04-13


Department of Computer Sciences donates to orphanage house 2016-11-30
Department of Computer Sciences visiting house of orphans 2016-11-07
Department of Computer Sciences visited the state House for Orphans 2016-10-30
Department of Computer Sciences visiting the elderly homo care 2016-09-13
Department of Computer Sciences visits the children with cancer 2016-08-25
Multimedia branch students and Baghdad children 2016-07-25
Cancer paitients visit 2016-04-27
Annual Scientific Exhibition for the university's day 2016-04-14


Support IDPs Second Campaign 2015-12-21
The fourth annual scientific exhibition 2015-04-14


Support IDPs First Campaign 2014-11-13
Third Annual Art Gallery 2014-04-15
The third annual scientific exhibition 2014-04-14


Scientific exhibition for students projects 2013-05-22
The second annual scientific exhibition 2013-04-30


The first annual scientific exhibition for software, devices and new technologies 2012-04-23
Scientific poster gallery in computer networks and security 2012-04-22