Conferences and Seminars

Conferences, Seminars and Lectures


The role of electronic management in society Computer Sciences Department and Al Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies 2018-03-20
A workshop entitled "Introducing students of the 1st level of morning study to Google Classroom environment for e-learning" Lect. Asst. Saif Bashar 2018-03-06
Google Apps in Education Workshop and E-Learning Activation in the department Lect. Asst. Saif Bashar 2018-02-20


Workshop of Random Digital Art Lect. Sanaa Mohsen 2017-12-26
The algorithm of pupil discrimination based on the extraction of the feature of determining the direction of view Dr. Hanaa Mohsen, Sanaa Hamidi 2017-12-08
Programming and activating Robots Workshop Lect. Asst. Wissam Mahmoud, Eng. Ali Akram 2017-11-28
The security of e-government and its role in the service of society Dr. Hasanen Samir, Dr. Abeer Tariq, Dr. Alaa Khadum, Lect. Inass Tariq 2017-05-02
A seminar on language and computer Asst. Lect. Nada Najeel 2017-03-08
The Departmentheld a seminar entitled (bag of visual words) Dr. Abdul Ameer Abdullah, Lect. Ikhlas Falih 2017-01-04
The Department held a seminar on Digital Image Processing Lect. Farah Tawfeeq 2017-01-04


Quality Management in Higher Education Institutions Dr. Maha Abdul Kareem Humoud 2016-10-26
Lecture on Participation in the international conference on computers and applications in Dubai Dr. Hanaa Mohsen, Dr. Maisaa Abid Ali 2016-10-06
Software Documentation Lecture Lect. Asst. Nada Najeel 2016-03-30
Big Data and Business Intelligence Lecture Dr. Hasanen Samir, Saif Bashar 2016-03-09
Green Computing Dr. Aliaa Kareem, Lect. Asst. Simaa Hasan, Prog. Asst. Omar Dhafer 2016-02-28
The role of information technology in the transition to a digital and translation mechanism institutions Dr. Suhad Mal Allah, Dr. Rahim A. Ogla, Dr. Israa Abdul Ameer 2016-01-13
Multimedia and it's Role in Media Prof. Asst. Yousra H. Ali, Lect. Asst. Muna Ghazi 2016-01-03


Web Services and Personalization Prof. Asst. Rehab Flieh Hasan, Lect. Dr. Esraa Tahseen Ali 2015-12-13
Multimedia and E-Business Development Lect. Asst. Hasan Falah 2015-11-22
Virtual Reality and E-Forensics Steganography Dr. Abdul Ameer Abdullah, Dr. Hanaa Mohsen 2015-11-11


1st Scientific Conference 2010 2010-02-10
Dr. Aliaa' Kareen from the Department of Computer Sciences participated in discussion of the
A teacher from the Department of Computer Sciences Dr. Aliaa' Karim Abdel Hassan participated ina
Dr. Ragheed Dawood from the Department of Computer Sciences received a letter of thanks and
Dr. Aliaa' Karim Abdel Hassan from the Department of Computer Sciences received a letter of thanks
Dr. Shaimaa Hameed Shaker from the Department of Computer Sciences received a thanks and
The Head of Computer Sciences Department Dr. Hala Bahgat Abdel Wahab Member of the Social Gender
a Teacher and candidate from the Department of Computer Sciences Assistant Lecturer Nada Najil
The Department of Computer Sciences witnessed extensive preparations for the examinations of the
The student Hala Hassan Mahmoud obtained her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Sciences
The Department of Computer Sciences hosted the meeting of the Deans' Committee on Monday 19/8/2019

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