Conferences and Seminars

Conferences, Seminars and Lectures


The Computer Science Department at the University of Technology organizes a distinguished scientific workshop Asst. Lect. Teaba Wala Aldeen 2021-01-07


A teaching workshop from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology Dr. Suhair Muhammad Zaki 2020-12-25
The Department of Computer Science holds a training course on information technology Dr. Suhair Muhammad Zaki 2020-12-20


Encoding of Laboratory Devices Asst. Lect. Nada Najeel 2019-12-30


The role of electronic management in society Computer Sciences Department and Al Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies 2018-03-20
A workshop entitled "Introducing students of the 1st level of morning study to Google Classroom environment for e-learning" Lect. Asst. Saif Bashar 2018-03-06
Google Apps in Education Workshop and E-Learning Activation in the department Lect. Asst. Saif Bashar 2018-02-20


Workshop of Random Digital Art Lect. Sanaa Mohsen 2017-12-26
The algorithm of pupil discrimination based on the extraction of the feature of determining the direction of view Dr. Hanaa Mohsen, Sanaa Hamidi 2017-12-08
Programming and activating Robots Workshop Lect. Asst. Wissam Mahmoud, Eng. Ali Akram 2017-11-28
The security of e-government and its role in the service of society Dr. Hasanen Samir, Dr. Abeer Tariq, Dr. Alaa Khadum, Lect. Inass Tariq 2017-05-02
A seminar on language and computer Asst. Lect. Nada Najeel 2017-03-08
The Departmentheld a seminar entitled (bag of visual words) Dr. Abdul Ameer Abdullah, Lect. Ikhlas Falih 2017-01-04
The Department held a seminar on Digital Image Processing Lect. Farah Tawfeeq 2017-01-04


Quality Management in Higher Education Institutions Dr. Maha Abdul Kareem Humoud 2016-10-26
Lecture on Participation in the international conference on computers and applications in Dubai Dr. Hanaa Mohsen, Dr. Maisaa Abid Ali 2016-10-06
Software Documentation Lecture Lect. Asst. Nada Najeel 2016-03-30
Big Data and Business Intelligence Lecture Dr. Hasanen Samir, Saif Bashar 2016-03-09
Green Computing Dr. Aliaa Kareem, Lect. Asst. Simaa Hasan, Prog. Asst. Omar Dhafer 2016-02-28
The role of information technology in the transition to a digital and translation mechanism institutions Dr. Suhad Mal Allah, Dr. Rahim A. Ogla, Dr. Israa Abdul Ameer 2016-01-13
Multimedia and it's Role in Media Prof. Asst. Yousra H. Ali, Lect. Asst. Muna Ghazi 2016-01-03


Web Services and Personalization Prof. Asst. Rehab Flieh Hasan, Lect. Dr. Esraa Tahseen Ali 2015-12-13
Multimedia and E-Business Development Lect. Asst. Hasan Falah 2015-11-22
Virtual Reality and E-Forensics Steganography Dr. Abdul Ameer Abdullah, Dr. Hanaa Mohsen 2015-11-11


1st Scientific Conference 2010 2010-02-10

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