Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision, Mision and Objectives

- The Vision

The department's vision in the future is to follow up the rapid developments in the field of computer science and its applications in the curriculum of the department and to graduate highly qualified and competent staff in the field of computer science.

The Mission

The department's message is based on the subspecialties of Computer Science where there are six branches, namely:

  • Software branch
  • Information Systems branch
  • Artificial Intelligence branch
  • Computer Security branch
  • Networks Management branch
  • Multimedia branch

The Department seeks to develop new branches for computer science applications and to specify the qualifications of the graduate student to come with the requirements of any working field whether scientific or educational and at both the undergraduate and postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD).

The Objectives

To graduate students specialized in computer science branches, and to prepare a specialized and advanced staff for the postgraduate studies( MSc and Ph.D.) to meet the needs of the community and government institutions with specialists in this field.

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