Department Emergence

Department's Establishment, Vision, Mission and Objectives

- The Department was established in 1983 to keep up with the developments in the field of computer sciences and use them in the applied field and to prepare the students to be a specialized staff to serve our beloved country in the sectors that needs this specialization. The Department gives The BSc, MSc, PhD degrees in computer sciences. during the department careers, the department headed toward the scientific specialization, currently the department has six branches: Software, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Networks Management and Multimedia, the students study the theoretical and the applied aspects of these specializations. The department also offers scientific consultancies in the field of computers for the government institutions it also has an active role in developing government employees through courses that are conducted at the Continuous Learning Center in the University of Technology where specialized courses are annually organized.

- The Vision

The department's vision in the future is to follow up the rapid developments in the field of computer science and its applications in the curriculum of the department and to graduate highly qualified and competent staff in the field of computer science.

The Mission

The department's message is based on the subspecialties of Computer Science where there are six branches, namely:

  • Software branch
  • Information Systems branch
  • Artificial Intelligence branch
  • Computer Security branch
  • Networks Management branch
  • Multimedia branch

The Department seeks to develop new branches for computer science applications and to specify the qualifications of the graduate student to come with the requirements of any working field whether scientific or educational and at both the undergraduate and postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD).

The Objectives

To graduate students specialized in computer science branches, and to prepare a specialized and advanced staff for the postgraduate studies( MSc and Ph.D.) to meet the needs of the community and government institutions with specialists in this field.

On Thursday, 18/4/2019, the Department of Computer Sciences visited the Baghdad Center for
The volunteer team of the Department of Computer Sciences visited the Medicine City Hospital /
The President of the University of Technology congratulated Dr. Mohamed Ghani Alwan from the
In the presence of the Head of Computer Sciences Department. Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdel Wahab, the
The Head of Computer Science Department Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab participated in the workshop of
Based on the principle of cooperation between universities in the field of community service, the
Dr. Hassanin Samir Abdullah from the Department of Computer Science Participated in the discussion
The lecturer Wissam Mahmoud Liftah from our department received the medal of creativity and a
The lecturer Dina Kazem Mohsen from the Department of Computer Sciences received the Medal of
In the presence of the President of the University of Technology Dr. Amin Douai Thamer and the Head

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